“CPYWA (Cossipore Prudential Youth Welfare Association)”

A Nonprofit Organization operated exclusively for the promotion of Social Welfare, being led by the associations of some whole-hearted devotee social-workers, whose part of earnings are devoted to charitable, educational, or same sort of purposes. CPYWA is basically a Non Profit Organization, established to promote all the basic amenities of life to the ailing community along with a lot of social issues including health, education, environment, and for the less-privileged communities.

The effort of the organization is also towards the improvement of under-privileged, helpless & weak as well as to attempt to rehabilitate them into their social status. The organization is now encouraging people to stand by us and at the same time seeking some kind-hearted support from some socially-devoted persons to share their experiences, aids, voluntary services, etc. The target is to widening our noble activities to a wide range of the society. We sincerely need more helping hands to make us comfortable to initiate our service to humanity. "Please be with us… Hold our Hand Tight and Let us Expand for the support of society and also allow to…"
“Stay Aside For the People, By The People And Of The People”.



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Our Projects

Some Events which we have done in recent years...


A Social Challenge to Preserve the Dignity
of Individual and for their Social Rehabilitation


An Initiative to stay with a Healthy
Eye-Sight and Regain the poor-one

Go green

An Initiative towards “Green Revolution”

Know How

Awareness Programs on the Epidemic Outbreaks

Treat Easy

Providing basic Medical Aids to general People


A Warm-Hearted Support for the
Aged, Children and Disabled Persons

Jibon Dhara

Arrangement of Cool-Drinking-Water at Road Side

No Polybags

A Challenge to Make Poly-Bag Free Localities

Stay Aside

A Small Attempt to Support
the Victims of Natural Calamities

Play with Colors

A Colorful Empowerment of Creativity
among/within the Little Angles

Bhalobasar Bondhone

A Ray of Hope N Joy to the Orphan Child

Spreading Education

An Attempt of Spread the Light
of Education to the Needy Students

Our Corporate Sake-Hand Partners

108 Praman Sagar Foundations

Mission for Vision

Sankara Nethralya

Siddha Group of Companies

Rupa Industries

Peerless Securities Limited

Be a Volunteer of Our Organization

If we want to give support
then we also need support.
So join us now for this nobel cause.


Our Mission

Education to Every Child.


Provide Treatment.


Support Families.




After going through all of our activities, Here the members of CPYWA are whole-heartedly requesting you all……..

“If you feel really inspired and want to inspire us truly, please be with us.”

We the members are requesting the voluntary financial assistance of CPYWA projects to help to cover the costs directly related to execute the event smoothly and also in better ways.

Your contribution would be used to offset such costs like purchase of garments, educational utensils, and transport fees for bringing orphan children, organizing events, arranging of food and drink, organising health-check up camp, producing spectacles etc. and many more.

Once again a gentle reminder that your support for these projects would be greatly appreciated.

The mode of donation will be either by cash, or by cheque or by net banking anything you can opt for.
We solicit your generous patronage.

The details are given in our web-site i.e. cpywa.org



The account details are given below-

Bank:-Punjab National Bank
Branch :- Dunlop
164, B.T. Road, Kolkata
Account Name:- Cossipore Prudential Youth Welfare Association
Savings Account No. 3977000100070747
IFSC Code: PUNB0397700


If you have any questions or would like to know additional information,
Please contact on (+91) 9007546617, 9830213966, 9748192080, 9883221756

Email inquiries can be sent to cpywa.kolkata@gmail.com

Donors, the message is from the core of our heart
“There are two ‘i’s’ in Fundraising – they should stand for inspiration
and innovation, not imitation and irritation.”- Ken Burnett


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